Happy Happiness Day

20 03 2015

Today is a holiday. In 2012, the United Nations declared March 20 to be the International Day of Happiness. It is a day to encourage the social, economic, and cultural stability needed for people to experience happiness in their lives. The UN resolution was introduced by the Himalayan country of Bhutan, who are considered to be among the happiest people on earth.

Wouldn’t it be neat if Christians were seen as the happiest people on earth?  

Christians have a hope that helps shape how we view the circumstances in which we stand. We have access to peace and assurance that allow us to face our days with confidence. Rejoice is a command. Fear is vanquished by limitless love. Shame and guilt melt in the vast expanse of His grace. Our lives have an eternal purpose. We never walk alone. We face struggles and hardships, but the cross empowers us to face them with trust and thanksgiving.

Our lives should have less worry, fewer grumbles, more joy, greater peace, and a deeper sense of contentment than those in the world around us. In our words, actions, choices, and priorities Jesus should come shining through. When people see Jesus in us, they should see hope, healing, and happiness.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be happy. I am going to focus on the blessings God has poured into my life. I want to make room for the abundance that He longs to pour into every moment of my day. It is easy to focus on the negative and let unhappiness settle over me like a cloud. Jesus is the light that changes the shadows into smiles. Have a happy day!



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20 03 2015

Perfect! Now, let’ make all of our tomorrows, happiness in our heart of hearts day

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