Women Opening the Word is a Bible study designed to help women more richly and fully experience the presence of God. Meeting God in the pages of a WOW study opens your eyes to the wonder of God’s love and the purpose of living deeply in His presence. Transformation is at the heart of Bible study. God wants you to be transformed into His likeness. The WOW Bible Studies help us answer the call to live as changed women — cross-shaped, resurrection-empowered, faith-driven, Christ-exalting women — to look like Jesus.

Whether you use the study in a classroom or small group setting, or in your personal quiet time, WOW focuses on answering three challenges that every woman who longs to live closer to God faces: Commitment – WOW’s four day format is designed to help you find the time and develop the discipline of daily Bible study; Confidence – If Bible study seems intimidating and overwhelming, WOW guides you on a walk through Scripture to seek God’s face and experience His transformation as you connect God’s truth directly with your life; Creativity – When Bible study feels stale, the WOW studies provide a refreshing and innovative way to encounter God, through a variety of study methods, techniques, and special features.

Living Stones

God often uses simple pictures and everyday objects to teach us the deep truths of His kingdom. Embedded in 1 Peter is a snapshot that has the power to turn our souls upside-down. Stones become a frame for helping us understand and embrace the deep, satisfying, empowering faith God longs for us to have. Rocks rising from the pages of the Bible teach us how to walk with God, answer His call, live in His grace, surrender to His purpose, and experience the soaring joy, profound peace, and overwhelming abundance God has always meant for our hearts. Living Stone faith lives in the fullness of Jesus.

Too many times, however, we settle for an imitation. Our world sells us Pet Rock faith as a convenient, less-messy version of what it means to walk with God. God always leaves the choice to you – Pet Rock faith or Living Stone faith? Pick up a rock, open your Bible, and discover what God wants to build in you.

Set Free

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36

Our hearts struggle against ancient chains. We know that we are meant to soar, fly free, and experience deep joy, but the reality of our lives often feels claustrophobic and stale. Walking through the Exodus reveals the captors that try to grab at our souls, and opens a pathway straight into the heart of God. He is passionate about you. He will fight battles, slay enemies, shake prison cells, and break chains in order to make us completely His own.

That You May Believe: The Gospel of John

Throughout the Gospel of John, the drama and courtroom suspense intensifies as the apostle builds a case for the identity of the Savior. Listen to witnesses, hear testimony, examine the evidence and decide for yourself- is Jesus the Christ?

The Shadow of the Cross

Walk with the Savior from Gethsemane to Golgotha and recognize anew the power that radiates from the shadow of the cross, as you focus on the foundation of our hope as Christians – the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Paul: By the Grace of God

Dig deeply into Paul’s life and ministry as we journey thorugh Acts and discover the power and impact of God’s amazing grace.

A Light in the Darkness: Elijah and Elisha

God raised up the great prophets Elijah and Elisha to stand in contrast to the darkness that engulfed their generation. Walking with Elijah and Elisha, you too will hear God’s call to shine as a light in the darkness, to experience the power of His presence, and rest in the surety of His love.


What is your Impossible? We all have one. Something so big, so solid, so tangible that it defines who we are, how far we can go, and what we can do. Impossibles come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes our Impossibles are obvious. Others can see them and point them out. They become the labels that define our limits. Other times, our Impossibles hide in the recesses of our souls. They eat away at our peace, drain our joy, and steal our confidence.

Jesus came to meet our Impossibles head on. That is the story of the Gospel of Luke. Time after time, person after person, teaching after teaching reveal the Possibles that God wants to unleash in your life, and the Impossibles that He is willing to challenge and dismantle in your heart. Your Impossibles are God’s starting line. Your Impossibles don’t have to define you, limit you, control you, or overwhelm you anymore. What is impossible with men is possible with God.

The Love Story

You were created for a love story. God designed your heart to be romanced. He made you to experience the full force of His love and desire for you. He longs to write His love story across the pages of your soul.

The story of Ruth teaches us how to live in God’s love story. It is a tale of losing our way, coming home, and experiencing the romance God intends for us to live. In Ruth’s story, we find a mirror for our own hearts. Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz help us come face-to-face with the seduction the world uses to lure us away from God’s love, and learn the Romance Principles that help us step into God’s love story.

Ruth’s story is our story. It is meant to sweep us off our feet and into His arms. It is a journey that ends with happily ever after…when you choose to live in The Love Story.

The Jesus Resolution

The Jesus Resolution is the purpose for which you were created. It is God’s ultimate desire for you. It is the reason behind the cross and the empty tomb. God wants to transform you to look like Jesus. He wants to form within you a mirror image of Christ. Whether it is in the laundry room or kitchen, at work or the grocery store, God wants the way you move, work, serve love, and play to resonate with the person of Jesus.

Join me in a resolution that is at the heart of who God is and who He calls us to be – The Jesus Resolution. Immerse yourself in Jesus. Let him soak into every part of who you are. Walk through the simple moments of live and learn to see Jesus with new eyes. Hear His voice in the ordinary rhythm of your day. Discover the ways in which god calls you to His heart and His purpose in the midst of your regular routine.

This is the promise and the challenge that God sets out before us. Be His. Be like His Son. Make The Jesus Resolution.

Living the Jesus Resolution

Jesus wants to be a part of every aspect of your daily life. This collection of 120 short devotionals is the follow-up to the popular The Jesus Resolution. Let God take your ordinary life and transform it into the image of Jesus.

Immeasurably More

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,…” — Ephesians 3:20a

Most of us settle for “good enough” lives. As long as there is a little more happiness than sorrow, pleasure than pain, blessing than burden, satisfaction than sacrifice, we consider ourselves ahead of the game. But God never meant for us to live “good enough” lives. He longs for you to live so abundantly, so fully, so deeply in Him that your life overflows with His Immeasurably More.

Every day you get to pick your path — It’ll Do Lane or God’s Immeasurably More. The Book of Ephesians is your road map. It challenges you to set your sights higher, walk more confidently, pray more fervently, and kneel more humbly before a God whose greatest delight is to give you more of Himself than you could ever ask or imagine.

ABCs of a Godly Heart

God wants you to know Him. The Psalms are a window that looks deeply into His heart—a place where He reveals His purpose for your life. Journey through the Psalms—songs of praise, adoration, deliverance, and redemption—and learn how to reflect the glory of God through a more intimate and fulfilling walk with Him. It’s as simple as A, B, C.

Echoing His Heartbeat: The Life of David

Travel a new path with an old friend as you journey into the heart of God in the company of Israel’s beloved King David. Exploring the joy and sorrow, triumphs and struggles of David’s life will draw you closer to God as you strive to echo the heartbeat of the King of Kings.

Fragrance of Faith

Wrap yourself in the comfort of Christ’s love through an in-depth study of the Beatitudes. Explore how the fragrance of faith is woven into the lives of godly women and how we can experience the transforming power of His love today.

Our Father in Heaven … Teach Us to Pray

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a model and guide, enter the practical classroom of prayer and learn the lessons that God longs to teach you about coming into His presence and experiencing the privilege and power of prayer.

God Pass By Me

God’s heart is revealed through His names. Throughout His relationships with His people, God opens His arms and shows His children who He is and invites us to explore His nature and character. Grow closer to God as He reveals Himself through the study of His names.

Ordering Information

You can purchase Casandra’s books – the Women Opening the Word study series – through 21st Century Christian in two convenient ways.

1. Click on the Books image on the top, right side of this page. This link will take you directly to the 21st Century Christian website.

2. Call 21st Century Christian toll-free at 1-800-251-2477 to order by phone.

15 responses

12 03 2010
Mary Lemey

I was just recently introduced to your WOW books. I can say I have never gained so much from a study. It has changed my prayer life. I have bought several copies of GOD PASS BY ME for other ladies in our congregation. They all had the same reaction. I had to say THANK YOU.

22 07 2010
Tiana Star

I’m so excited to find your web page! I’ve studied a few of your books, and have told so many people about your awesome insight, and most importantly always drawing upon God’s words for us to find the answers! HUGE Fan. May you continue to always seek God’s will and help teach that to others!

25 09 2011
Marilyn Simpson

My bible study group has completed all of 10 your WOW books. They have brought into a closer relationship with God and with each other. I thank God for your gift of sharing his word with us.
So we all want to know when the next WOW book is coming out??? We will be anxiously awaiting…

11 10 2011

Just a note to say that your WOW books are “WOW!” I have completed three books independently and look forward to the other volumes. I love the way your books are formatted with questions, not at the end of each lesson, but scattered throughout. Thank you for sharing your Bible knowledge and your abilitiy to teach others. Your blog is very uplifting and encouraging as well.

17 09 2012
Uvonne Dewberry

My daughter has just introduced me to your work book “God, Come by Me” about the names of God. I love the format and the thought provoking statements you make throughout the book. I look forward to studying another one soon. May God bless you in this great work.

7 04 2013
jutie Honaker.

Where do I go to, to buy these New Books?

8 04 2013
Casandra Martin

Hi Jutie, All of my books are available through 21st Century Christian. Their toll-free number is 800-251-2477 or their website is Thanks!

4 06 2013

Excellent Series I have them all! This series is reflective, if you looking to help others through your growth this is for you. Casandra, thanks.

7 04 2014
Karen L. Underwood

I purchased 15 copies of Love Story: The Study of Ruth to share with a group of ladies while on vacation in Jamaica March 2014. I enjoyed studying for sharing the lesson, as well as studying with the ladies each day. We could not go into great details during the study, but hopefully, the ladies will continue to look at the study as I will.

Thank you for writing this wonderful book,

12 09 2014
Glynis Good

I Love all of your books! Our Ladies Bible class is currently studying “Immeasurably More” but I sometimes open class with a selection out of “The Jesus Resolution.” I would like to use “Answers” from this book in our church bulletin if that is all right. Our church has been undergoing some changes which of course brings out questions and this is the perfect response!

19 01 2015
Cynthia Hall

I have JUST been introduced to this blog and your books by Brother Gary Massey. I can’t wait to dive in and study the Word with you!

8 11 2015

I love your WOW series. I was wondering if these books are available in spanish. I’d love to spread the word in our congregation in spanish.

7 09 2016
Gerry Fleck

I found this series on the bookstore website. I bought ” Impossibles” first. Wonderful!! I ordered three more. This is a study I do everyday. I read and answer the questions and read her remarks to the material. It is like I am in a study with her. Very talented writer!! God blessed her with a great talent.

8 08 2020
Carladean Thompson

I am a missionary in Nairobi, Kenya. I bought your book, In The Shadow of the Cross. I am studying it with 3 Kenyan women. They love it and I love it. This study works cross cultural. I plan on getting more of your books next time I am in the USA.

12 05 2021
Alana Myeshia

I’m on Day 1 of “A light in the Darkness” and I’m close to tears! I was literally standing in the Christian book section and I whispered to God. “Holy Spirit please help me!” And out of hundreds and hundreds of books this skin almost unnoticeable spiral book jumps out at me. I can’t take my eyes off of it. Why this one it has no title visible to the eye? I wonder. I slid it off of the shelf as surveyed the cover. I flicked through the pages and I knew. It was the one! Now to learn that there is more?! My God my God, blessing be with the author, publishers, proofreaders and every one reading this review in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

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