The Message of Springtime

23 03 2015

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” — Martin Luther

Spring is writing its story as the leaves unfurl from winter bare branches, flowers reveal their God-made glory, and the birds fill the air with song. As you enjoy the warmer temperatures and smile at the evidences of nature proclaiming the praise of the Creator, remember the observation of Martin Luther. As trees move from brown to green and the earth is pushed aside so new plants can reach for the sun, we get to see the reality and possibilities of the resurrection play out over and over. Every sign of new life is meant to remind us that transformation is not only possible, but God’s purpose for our hearts.

The resurrection enables us to live lives that display the truth that Jesus has conquered death and ignited the abundant life within those who wear His name. The decay caused by sin fades as the resurrection life takes hold of us and unleashes His glory and His purpose in our souls. Each time we see springtime releasing winter’s hold on the earth, we are witnessing the power of the resurrection in ourselves.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate the coming of spring. I want each new leaf to remind me of the way God is transforming me for His glory. I want the sunshine to draw me closer to the Son. I want to see more than the changing of the seasons as the next few weeks unfold. I want to see the changes He is making in me.



2 responses

23 03 2015

Thank you sweet sister for that beautiful analogy of the resurrection. God is good. Now I will be reminded as I see each new leaf.

23 03 2015
Karen Gill

As I woke up this morning and heard the birds singing, I was thanking God for the beauty of spring and of all the seasons. The birds seemed to be chirping “Spring! It’s finally here!” Yes, I agree we need to be more aware of all our surroundings and how God is working in all of it. We need to be reminded how he is working in us and through us and transforming us constantly. We need to be asking him to change us more and more into the likeness of his Son. Loved this post! It’s exactly where my mind was this morning!

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