18 03 2015

It sits outside my window, in the midst of my flowers. A purple yard cross with bright flowers settles in among the yellow, red, and pink blossoms, proclaiming ‘Rejoice!’ I purposely placed it right in my line of sight. It is too easy to see the reasons to grumble, complain, worry, and be fearful. I need the reminder that God’s command to my soul revolves around joy.

Here are ten reasons to rejoice today:

  1. Jesus wins.
  2. The gospel is true.
  3. Hope is real.
  4. You are loved.
  5. He is here.
  6. Grace is yours for the asking.
  7. He keeps His promises.
  8. His peace > my fear
  9. Prayer works.
  10.  The cross unlocks joy.

My Jesus Resolution today is to rejoice. Rejoice is a verb, an action word, which calls me to move from worry to worship. No matter what I am going through today, no matter how hard things get, or how dark the horizon appears, these ten things are always true. There are always reasons to rejoice because God is always good, always faithful, and always pouring out His love on those who seek His face.



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