Praying the Pews

2 03 2015

They walked in the background, very quietly. Up and down the pews they moved with gentle grace. To some, it might have looked like they were checking song books or picking up trash, but it was so much more. They were preparing the empty seats for God to move. They covered each row they walked down with prayer. They prayed for the women who would be there with heavy hearts. They prayed for the ones that needed a friend. They prayed for burdens to be lifted, joy to be poured out, and lives to be opened wide for His presence. They prayed for each soul to see Jesus. They prayed that glory, grace, and goodness would flow out of our time together.

They inspired me, and challenged me to see differently.

Too many times I see things as things – chairs, beds, toothbrushes, dishes, cars, and desks. I pick up toys, loads of laundry, and empty cereal bowls, thinking all the time about the tasks to be done and the to-dos to be accomplished. People, however, are attached to all those things. My little friend from down the street plays with that ball. I can pray for him while I put it away. I can pray that the hungry tummies that sit around my kitchen table will be equally hungry for Jesus. I can pray for my children as I make beds, rinse out toothbrushes, and wash dishes. The empty car next to me in the parking lot is owned by someone whom God loves. I can pray for them. I can move around the desks in the office quietly praying for my co-workers and their families. I can pray for people from whom I receive an email, the newspaper guy when I pick up my paper, or the mail carrier when I get the mail from my box.

My Jesus Resolution today is to see things differently. My friends reminded me to see things as tools attached to people who need Jesus, and each one as an opportunity to pray. Everywhere I walk today, I want to ask God to touch the people who will soon touch these things in my path. Things are more than things. They can serve as reminders of love, glimpses of glory, and opportunities for God to be at work as I pray.

(Taking my own advice and praying over a blog and you as you read it. Enjoy your blessings today!)



5 responses

2 03 2015

Praying for souls is always a wonderful idea. Thanks for bringing other souls, that we might have overlooked, to our minds today that we might pray for them. This gives us a higher focus, as we do the chores and the list of undesirable tasks today and every day.

Praying for you too-

In Jesus’ name

2 03 2015
Joyce lampley

This is a good one today. Thank you.

2 03 2015
ana harshaw

Everyone, Everywhere and everything…yes, may be prayed for…I read ‘As we walk in Nature also~Thank God. These are wonderful ideas~Thank you so much for Caring & Sharing. God Bless, ana ❤

6 03 2015
Jan Smith

This is such a wonderful thought…so simple, but one that can have such a ripple effect, and in ways we might not ever imagine. Thank you for writing your blog, Casandra…you have such thought provoking and wonderful insights…I appreciate you:-)

13 03 2015
Linda Matzke

This is a wonderful suggestion! I like the idea of being in constant prayer all day thinking of God and others instead of ourselves. I plan to try to incorporate this into my day. I will start by praying for you and everyone that reads this. What a beautiful God we belong to!

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