4 03 2015

Right now my son is sitting in an airport. He is supposed to be home, but bad weather, traffic patterns, mechanical difficulties, and a caterpillar crawling across the runway (just kidding, but it seems like a lot of excuses…) have slowed down his journey. Delays are no fun for anybody. Patience melts, good humor evaporates, and grouchiness just seems to explode. We all want to get to where we are going. Waiting just isn’t in our DNA.

While we would like to erase all waiting time from our schedules, the Bible repeatedly encourages our souls to wait on the Lord. God doesn’t seem to need to tell us to hurry, but He frequently reminds us of the importance of slowing down and waiting on Him.

“For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.” – Psalm 62:5

It turns out that waiting is an important part of our spiritual journey. Waiting on God means making the deliberate decision to stand in His love rather than running ahead of His presence. When we do, our eyes begin to change. We see things we might have missed in the blur of our hurry. Our thoughts are transformed as we exchange worry for waiting. Our souls become more Christlike as we learn to keep our focus on Him. Waiting changes our perspective, realigns our priorities, and stretches us so that we might be filled with His power.

My Jesus Resolution today is to wait with grace. I often feel like I am only making progress when I am moving, but God often works best in me when I am still and waiting. When I become frantic and frustrated, my voice is the only one I hear. It pushes me to hurry up, go faster, and do more. That is the way of the world. Waiting with grace challenges my heart to walk a different path – one of trust, surrender, and praise while I wait. Perhaps delays are not as much about obstacles and barriers as they are about learning, over and over, to lay everything at His feet.



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4 03 2015
ana harshaw

Good morning Sister Casandra, It seems there are delays everywhere…Lord be with your son and grant him peace & joy at this time with Angels to guide him. My sister in Christ was at a Ladies Luncheon and was delayed and in the snow for 2hrs! She finally got home to her children and hubby. They created a whimsical Welcome Wall and she melted in their warm love. Thanks for your encouraging words. In thought for your son, Mrs. Ana Harshaw

4 03 2015


This is beautiful and powerful. I realize how constant moving, busyness, never ending checklist, etc. etc., are a ploy from satan to keep me in an impossible state. I’ve been doing your new Bible study on impossibles, I will finish it by end of the week. It’s been such a blessing of refreshment, thank you. This is my third study of yours, I’m thankful God had us cross paths.

In His Grace, -Pam


4 03 2015
Ginny Lilly

Hi, Casandra,
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. The topics always seem to fit my daily situations and give such wonderful inspiration. You truly have an amazing talent, a true gift from God. We are thoroughly enjoying your IMPOSSIBLE book on Luke in our Ladies Bible Class at Waterview and I have been recommending it to other congregations.

I hope you are doing better and heading to a complete recovery.

Ginny Lilly

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