The Esther Effect

27 02 2015

It reads like a fairy tale. A beautiful girl who lives as a stranger in a strange land is chosen to try and win the heart of the king. While undergoing twelve months of beauty treatments, her kind and gentle ways win the admiration and loyalty of those around her. Finally, her turn comes and the king chooses her to become his queen.

The crown has barely been placed on her head, however, when an evil presence casts its shadow over her happiness. The wicked man at the center of this evil is ambitious, power-hungry, and bent on destruction. His deep hatred of the queen’s people is matched only by his determination to see them annihilated. He becomes the king’s advisor and a plot, stunning in its scope and ferocity, is born. In a single day, the people he so despises will be wiped out, their blood spilling in the streets all over the kingdom.

The queen’s cousin hears the news and sees the hand of God. He sends word to the queen that her unique position may be the salvation of her people. The queen, who has been keeping her nationality a secret, is frightened. How can she stand up against evil, speak with deep effect, and make a difference for her people? The rest of the story unfolds in equally dramatic fashion. Through wisdom and grace, the queen hosts a banquet in which the wickedness of the evil man is revealed, and her people are saved.

Because it sounds like a fairy tale, we don’t really believe that God means for Esther’s story to be a mirror for our own stories. After all, I am not that beautiful and will never rule over any kingdom, unless someone crowns me queen of the laundry. Yet, the same God that moved in Esther’s life is working in me. Here. Today. For His purpose and glory. Perhaps the effects of Esther courage and commitment are meant to open my eyes and ignite my determination to make a difference for the people I love.

My Jesus Resolution today is to embrace The Esther Effect. I am not here on this earth merely to take up space, breathe the air, and wash dishes. God has put me here to make a difference. To challenge the darkness with His light and to look like Jesus in a world that doesn’t think it needs a Savior. It is time to see Esther’s story as my story. The scenery may be different, but the woman He calls me to be is the same.



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27 02 2015
Coloring inside the lines again

I love your way of telling us the story, having followed your Bible studies in Ladies Bible Class for years. I think, though, in our country’s case we don’t know where to start.

27 02 2015

Thank you for your words, you uplift and help me focus every day!!!

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