25 02 2015

In 1988, Rich Mullins wrote a beautiful song that is playing in my heart this morning. Sing with me?

Our God is an awesome God;
He reigns from heaven above
with wisdom, pow’r and love.
Our God is an awesome God.

Awesome is one of those words that is a bit overused in our society. We use it to describe a great hamburger, a beautiful sunset, and our new shoes. There isn’t anything wrong with using the word in a variety of settings, but just for today let’s allow our souls to be awed by our awesome God.

When we describe God as awesome, we are acknowledging that His presence inspires us, allowing awe, reverence, and wonder to fill our hearts. To be honest, I let too many awesome God moments slip by me. Answered prayer should fill us with awe. Worship should catch our breath as we enter His presence. Noticing the way that He provides or protects us should cause our hearts to pause in praise. Grace should make our hearts race and our knees bend. The cross should always compel me towards gratitude. Experiencing God-inspired awe should direct me, if only for the briefest moment, to stop, be still, and glorify the One who is here, who is sovereign, and who loves us beyond measure.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make an awesome God list. I want to be deliberate about noticing all the ways that God touches my day with His presence. I don’t want to miss the chance to be filled with awe. I want to look at the sky and see His handiwork. I want to watch my family and feel His love. I want to be still, feel small, and understand again that God is big. I want to sing and remind myself that I serve an awesome God.



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25 02 2015
My Info

I am counting the ways that God is AWESOME also, CM.
Thank you for you making my Day Wonderful.
Looking forward to class on Thursday.
In Christ’s Love,

25 02 2015
Diane Threat is my home page. Today’s page shows a volcano in Iceland that is still spewing. One of the pop-ups (#3) shows a video of the volcano – talk about power! Our God is an awesome God. I hope you and others will take a look. Here is the link:

25 02 2015
Darlene Ewell

Sometimes we just forget how Awesome God really is, and we focus more on our problems than we do on His presence, but He is always with us

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