Praying For You

12 01 2015

I have a friend that prays. Of course, I know lots of people who pray, but this friend is different. About once a week, she dedicates part of a day to praying for others. She sends out a message letting people know when she will be praying, and invites anyone with a heavy heart, splintered spirit, or struggling soul to share their prayer request. It is neat to watch. She gathers these people close to heart and carries them before the Father. Hearts that are hurting walk through their day knowing that someone cares enough to intercede for them.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” – James 5:16

We all have people for whom we pray. What I love about the heart of my friend is her willingness to open her prayer time to whatever needs are entrusted to her for the day. She extends grace to anyone with the courage to admit that they need God. She doesn’t need a lot of details to pray for you. Just the prompt that you need prayer. What might happen if we had the courage to tell someone that our heart needs to be wrapped in prayer? How might our faith stretch if we committed regular time, space and energy to praying for those around us who are hungry for God’s mercy and power?

My Jesus Resolution today is to examine the way I pray. I have much to learn from my friend. Sometimes my praying falls into a rut. It isn’t bad, but becomes limited in its perspective. Praying for others lets me see God at work, opens my eyes to things for which I need to be thankful, or situations for which I need more compassion. Praying like this connects us with cords of love, builds unity, and opens doors of opportunity. I want to grow in the grace of prayer. Praying for you may be the way in which God transforms us both.



One response

12 01 2015

Great thoughts. Thank you. It does take humility, to express our needs and an open heart to ask others if we can pray with them about any specific needs. I have a close friend who does the latter without fail, as we don’t connect often, because of the physical distance between us.

My Mom’s simple prayer was often: Lord, make us truly humble and thankful…

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