Two Fingers

9 01 2015

She is six years old, cute as a button, and sweeter than a peach. Her blonde hair curls softly around her face, framing a smile that will melt your heart. My family and I scooted into the pew near where she was sitting with her family. I smiled as I sat down next to her, whispering to her that I was excited to be sitting by her.

Everyone quieted down as the singing began. She pulled the big songbook into her lap, searching for the song number. When she found it, the expression on her face dropped a little bit as she struggled to follow the words of the song. Seeing her concern out of the corner of my eye, I reached over with my finger, pointing to the correct spot in the song. She breathed a little sigh of relief as she began to follow my finger and the song words on the page.

After a little confusion moving from verse one to verse two, she did something that both touched my heart and taught me a lesson about following Jesus. She put her finger on top of my finger. For the rest of the song, our fingers moved in sync. She didn’t get lost in the words and together we moved at the tempo of the music. I sat with her, humbled by her wisdom. She didn’t try to do it all by herself. She allowed her movement to be guided by a more experienced hand, trusting that if her finger stayed with mine, she would be able to participate in praise.

My Jesus Resolution today is to learn from my little friend. I want to have such a desire to worship that I will be open to someone showing me the way. Too many times my pride gets in the way and I miss the moment. Instead, I want to be bold enough to put my finger on top of Christ’s, allowing Him to guide me into a moment of praise I could never have experienced on my own.



One response

9 01 2015
Paula Pancoast

Just beautiful! God has given us these precious souls to learn from & see Him. Thank you for capturing perfection in a simple moment. Love it!

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