It’s Time

14 01 2015

We are a society that is dominated by time. We watch time, measure time, borrow time, steal time, fight against time, and complain when time drags. Generations ago they clocked time by the movement of the sun and stars in the heavens. At least when they did that, their eyes were pulled into the vastness of space where they might find perspective and His presence. We, who are surrounded by cell phones, watches, and digital screens, barely have to turn our attention in order to register the time.

God has much to say about time. After all, He created time so it makes sense that He has a purpose for what it is, how it works, and the way we need to use it. Time is a tool. Too many times, however, I live as though time is my master. The calendar controls my mood, my priorities, and my view of the day (and myself). No one little black box, or even 365 of them, should hold that much power in my life.

This year as I bathe my soul in the truth that God is for me, I want to learn to see time from God’s perspective. God is for me as I make a schedule, plan my work week, take care of my family, and run the necessary errands. God also gave me time as a tool to be used to walk in grace, discover joy, confess sins, listen to His heart, and experience His nearness. Time, it turns out, has a tempo, a heartbeat that invites me to live in rhythm with God. When we get out of sync with that rhythm, our souls ache and our hearts feel hurried and exhausted.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray about time. Psalm 90:12 says, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” This is going to be my prayer today – that God will teach me to number my days, that He will instruct me about time. If I want to grow in wisdom, I need to learn how to use this powerful tool He has given each of us. Then, over the next few blogs, I would like to explore some of what God says about time, how to use it, and where to invest our hearts. I don’t know about you, but for me – it’s time.



One response

16 01 2015
Jan Lunsford

Thank you so much sweet sister for being one of the blessings in my daily devotion.God has spoken to me so many times through your writings and scripture references.

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