For You

2 01 2015

Well, it is the beginning of a new year. The pages on the calendar are still (relatively) blank. The year stretches out in front of us full of possibilities, opportunities we have yet to count, challenges we will face, struggles that will bring us to our knees, and surprises that will fill us with joy. We can plan, make resolutions, commit, and determine, but I know up front that my own strength is not going to be enough. Instead, my single resolution this year is to embrace a single truth, and let it carry me through each day.

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

God is for you. Those four words have immeasurable power. They mean you can’t be defeated. You can hold on to peace. You can experience joy. You have enough grace to make it. You can face the moment…yes, even that one. The world will stand up against you. There will be days when it feels like nothing or no one is on your side. You will fall, fail, and feel frustrated. Through everything, God is for you. He is on your side. He is rooting for you, moving on your behalf, and making a way. He will take the difficult moments, using them for His purpose and glory. He promises to use every moment you put in His hands to transform you into the image of Jesus. He allows our joys to be glimpses of how wonderful heaven will be. You don’t take one step through any day alone. He is for you. Holding onto that one truth will make all the difference this year.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let this truth soak deep down into my soul. God is for me. Say it aloud. Write it down. Post it on the mirror. Let it be the banner that flies over your heart during 2015. I don’t know what you are facing, or will face, this year. I do know that if I had the chance, I would look in your eyes, give you a hug, and speak these four words to your heart. God is for you. And because of that, we are going to have some amazing stories to tell as this year unfolds.



3 responses

2 01 2015
Elva Duncan

Your post have been a blessing for me over this past year. Thank you

2 01 2015
Joyce lampley

I appreciated yesterdays post, I feel like I fail much of the time, but I did do some things right and will continue to do more. After all, if God is for me…

3 01 2015
Marilyn LaStrape

Casandra –

This post brought tears to my eyes! The new year is only three days long, and my “To Do” list is already so long! How reassuring to be reminded that God is for me in all that will happen in my life today and whatever number of days I have left. God is for me, and with that thought it does not matter who or what is against me!

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