Ten Minutes

5 01 2015

Can you think of something amazing that God has done for you? God is constantly moving on behalf of those He loves. He answers prayers, opens doors, provides help and healing, and reveals His glory. Sometimes it is easier to look back with twenty-twenty hindsight and see His fingerprints. Sometimes I am distracted, busy, worried, or stressed and miss Him. Sometimes I honestly don’t recognize amazing when I see it.

I want to develop new eyes this year. I want a heart more sensitive to His presence. I want ears more attuned to His voice. I want to experience all of the joy, provision, power, glory, protection, and love that He pours into every moment. The question is how do I learn to see?

It seems like it might be a complicated process considering how blind my heart tends to be, but perhaps it might be as easy as asking myself one simple question. What amazing thing as God done for me in the last ten minutes? Focusing on God’s movement in the here and now has the power to open my eyes and my heart. I don’t need to look for burning bushes or handwriting on the wall. Just the little, simple, ordinary things that God touches in the everyday – a hug, a sunrise, food on the table, a call from a friend, a pretty flower. These are all evidence of God moving in amazing ways for me and around me.

My Jesus Resolution today is to set my alarm for ten minutes past the hour. Once an hour I am going to stop and ask what amazing thing God has done for me in the last ten minutes. I want to learn to notice the way He touches my day. I want to get in the habit of celebrating His movement. I want the conversations around my dinner table to revolve around the amazing things God did for us during the day. I want to praise Him for filling the smallest blocks of time with His amazing presence. So tell me, what amazing thing has God done for you in the last ten minutes?



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