Ten Things You Did Right In 2014

31 12 2014


The end of the year is always a time of reflection. How did your year go? Many times we are hard on ourselves for not accomplishing everything on our “list.” You know the one. The list that plays in the back of our minds like a running guilt meter. Before you beat yourself up, swallow the shame, and resolve to somehow figure out how to do better next year, ask yourself the following questions. You may be surprised by how much you did right.

  1. Did you pray? Then you entered the throne room of heaven and spoke to the King.
  2. Did you encourage somebody? Then you helped someone know they were not alone in a difficult moment.
  3. Did you read your Bible? Then you listened to the voice of God Himself.
  4. Did you step outside your comfort zone? Then you walked by faith and not by sight.
  5. Did you worship? Then you joined the countless angels in heaven glorifying the Lord.
  6. Did you say thank you? Then you displayed a heart of gratitude.
  7. Did you say you were sorry? Then you were a conduit of grace.
  8. Did you make a sacrifice of your time, money, or other resources? Then your generosity blessed others.
  9. Did you notice when God answered a prayer? Then you attuned your heart to His presence and movement.
  10. Did you have lunch with a friend, invite someone over for coffee, or move so someone could sit next to you at church? Then you embraced hospitality.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate what went right in 2014. Sure, we could talk about doing more, having deeper commitment, or better consistency, but don’t underestimate the power of God. Giving Him even the smallest pieces of our hearts opens the door for transformation. Let’s celebrate the places where Jesus took shape in our words and actions. Let’s cheer each other on when we notice Christlikeness forming in our hearts. Instead of being critical, let’s catalog the way God is molding us to look more like Jesus, even if they seem tiny or insignificant in the moment. God may be using these ten things you did right to make 2015 a year for His glory.



2 responses

2 01 2015

I’m sure you receive many words of thanks for your encouragement and inspiring thoughts. Please know this particular devo has given me the boost I needed to decide to stay in the “game”. I am a preacher wife. On top of the expectations I have for myself, those of the women I serve and love are sometimes daunting and vast. I actually considered “throwing in the towel” for 2015 because I couldn’t mark one goal for 2014 I felt like I accomplished. Once again, less is more. Thank you Casandra. Thank you with tears of conviction and joy in my heart.

3 01 2015

Thank you for these words to start the year. I’ve been thinking about them this week. Most of your list are things that to me are necessary and then I try to add a new goal. You let me see that doing these things, and continuing this walk of faith, are truly accomplishments. I don’t need to add more, I need to continue.

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