Scavenger Hunt

23 06 2014

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun. You are given a list of items to find. The idea is to keep your eyes open as you move around so that you discover what the maker of the list wants you to see. Sometimes you have to bring the items back to the starting line. Other times, you have to take a picture to document your find. Either way, a scavenger hunt challenges to find things that might otherwise escape your notice.

Today I want to invite you to take part in a different kind of scavenger hunt – a thanksgiving scavenger hunt. Use the following list to find things in your day for which you can be thankful. It isn’t a race because everyone who tries gets to experience a little bit more of God’s presence, and that makes us all winners.

  1. Three things that are red.
  2. Something that is soft.
  3. The first thing you see when you look out of a window.
  4. The first thing you notice when you look in the mirror.
  5. Something in your kitchen sink.
  6. Something on your to-do list.
  7. Something in a hard or difficult situation you are facing right now.
  8. Someone who made you smile today.
  9. Something in your closet.
  10. Your favorite words of Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to keep my eyes open. I want to be deliberate about things for which I can be thankful. It isn’t that I am not thankful, but my gratitude often becomes a little stale. I repeat the same list over and over, missing the multitude of small moments through which God reveals Himself in my day. Doing a thanksgiving scavenger hunt helps me to be alert to His presence, sensitive to His power, and humbled by His provision. Ready? Set. Go find God.



One response

23 06 2014
Martha Fassino

I love this, thank you!!

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