Covered in Grace

25 06 2014

But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’” – 2 Corinthians 12:9a

These words are speaking loudly to my heart today. Paul received them during a season of pain. Pleading with God to remove the thorn that tormented him, God responded not with freedom from pain, but grace sufficient for the moment.

Can you name your pain? We all carry a burden of pain. It may be physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, or relational. Sometimes it is easy for others to see our pain. Other times, it burrows in deep and invisible. It doesn’t matter what your ache is. Pain rubs our hearts raw. It attacks our confidence, our ability to live out our dreams, and even our faith.

God answers our pain with grace. Whatever we are going through, no matter how dark the night, how oppressive the agony, our God is with us and He pours out His grace in order to help us hold onto His hand and live out His purpose. He gives us sufficient grace. Grace that is enough to meet our needs. Grace big enough to help us take the next step. Grace strong enough to empower us to face a new day. No matter what your day holds, God’s grace will be sufficient, more than enough for your heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to live in His grace. I tend to pray for release from pain more than eyes open to see the sufficient grace He has already provided for my situation. I want to be so surrendered that God can use even my pain as a frame for His glory and a tool for His purpose. I don’t serve a skimpy, tight-fisted God. Whatever I face today, I will be bathed in a grace so abundant, so lavish, and so rich that it will be able to transform me, even if God doesn’t change my circumstances.



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25 06 2014

Thank you for speaking to my heart today. I so often focus on getting past the pain rather than seeking the blessings in it. I also think we all need to be reminded that we all life with some type of pain and not think we are struggling alone. As always, I appreciate your willingness to use your talents to share Jeaus.

25 06 2014

Thank you, Cassandra. As always, God uses you and your abilities to touch the hearts of others with His word. Blessings.

26 06 2014
Jeanie Dodd

This fits me to a T.. suffering with unbearable back pain for 3 yrs. Waiting for a call from a specialist right now. Have been searching for a reason for this pain. It is hard.

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