Saying Thank You

20 06 2014

Two sentences. That’s all it was. A two sentence note from a former student. Facing a difficult deadline, she remembered something she had learned in class and took a moment to say thanks. She told me what she remembered, and how it made a difference in her day. What impacted me most is how her thank you made a difference in my day.


A thank you changes your perspective. It reminds you that your actions and words have power. Telling someone that they have made a difference lets them see themselves in a new light.


A thank you is a source of encouragement and hope. The things that we do for each other can make a difference even years later. Never underestimate a smile, hug, or gentle word.


Saying thank you expands your world. It helps you look at others with different eyes. It helps you see where God is moving. It lets you notice blessings amidst the burdens.


A thank you tells someone that you notice them. So many people walk through this life feeling invisible. Appreciation is like sunlight for the soul.


My Jesus Resolution today is to say thank you. God tells us that a gratitude-shaped soul is key to looking like Jesus. Thankfulness changes my eyes, my mouth, my hands, and my heart. Gratitude humbles me and allows me to honor those who touch my life, even in simple ways. I want to be generous with my gratitude, knowing that every time I say thank you I am recognizing His hand on my life and His presence in the world around me.



One response

23 06 2014
Christy Smith

Amen, Casandra! I appreciate all you do, and the wonderful way you have of touching people’s hearts and moving them closer to Jesus, by how you say things. Love you!

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