11 04 2014

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa


I was reminded today of the power of words. Words are not merely combinations of syllables, syntax, and sentences. Words have muscles. They can influence how we see ourselves, give us confidence or sap our courage, inspire hope or ignite fear. We remember words. We can recite the words that stung deeply, cut fiercely, and dug holes in our hearts. We hold onto the words that warmed us on cold days, drew us a picture of our better selves, and provided the encouragement we needed to take the next step.


Be careful of the words you say today. Someone is listening to your voice, hearing your words, and drawing a picture of Jesus from what you say. Today you have the power to wrap someone in love with your words. You can use your words to notice the invisible, strengthen the weak, walk with the worried, and provide peace for the fearful.


What if today was the day that someone remembered for a lifetime the words you spoke to them? What do you want them to hear? I love you. Thank you. You can do it. You’re important to me. I’m praying. Mother Teresa was right. Your words don’t have to be eloquent, fancy, or profound. Kind words can be simple words that speak directly to the heart.


My Jesus Resolution today is to be thoughtful about the power of my words. A casual comment can inflict great damage or bring great joy. Words can build up or they can tear down. Today I get to choose how to use my words. Today I want to measure my words not by how easy it is to throw them out, but by the impact they will have as they are received. Someone will remember what you say today. Let them hear Jesus in your words.



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11 04 2014
Oleta Coleman

Thanks again, Casandra! It was an especially great class yesterday and this wraps it up nicely in a very positive way!

11 04 2014

Reblogged this on Leo Woodman and commented:
Great thoughts on the power of our words.

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