14 04 2014

We have been working together for months. Every Sunday afternoon, we met up at the church building to open the Bible, learn what it means to be a servant, hone our talents, and encourage each other to look like Jesus. On paper, I am one of the adults giving time to help young people catch a glimpse of what it means to walk in Jesus’ steps. In reality, I have been the learner and they have been the teachers.

They have taught me how to be brave. They aren’t afraid to try something new, to step out of their comfort zone, and face the unknown with faith. No one said, “I can’t,” “That’s too hard,” or “I don’t want to try.” When faced with a new challenge, they taught me to take a deep breath and be willing to let God stretch you in new ways.

They have taught me how to listen with grace. Being a good learner begins with being a good listener. Every week, they came in and laid their hearts on the table. They didn’t pretend to know it all, have it all together, or be experts. They were open, moldable, and excited about discovering how to grow closer to God.

They have reminded me of the importance of cheering each other on. I watched big twelfth grade boys cheering on petite fourth grade girls as they opened their Bibles and learned something new about God. I saw junior high students challenge each other to be better servants, better friends, and better Christians. No matter their age, they stuck together and helped each other every step of the way

My Jesus Resolution today is to learn from my teachers. All my teachers. God plants teachers all around me. Sometimes they are easy to recognize. Other times they quietly walk through my days and I miss them. I want to learn all of the lessons each teacher has to give me. I want to be brave when faced with new steps. I want to listen even when it would be easier to stay settled in my own answers. I want to remember that I need others to make this journey. Teachers help us grow and become more than we can be by ourselves. I’m thankful for my teachers and the way they help me look more like Jesus.



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14 04 2014

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There are teachers all around us.

15 04 2014
Karen L. Underwood

Thank you for the insight and encouragement. Today I hope to listen and learn more.

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