Pray Big

28 03 2014

Pray Big. These two words are painted on a piece of wood that sits in our family room. They summarize the theme of our family’s focus right now and the lesson we want to embed deeply into our hearts and the hearts of our children. Each time we see these words, they serve as a reminder, an encouragement, a challenge, and an invitation to enter God’s presence and be bold in prayer.

We tend to pray small prayers, shy prayers, safe prayers. God wants us to pray big prayers, risky prayers, prayers that stretch our faith, expand our vision, and place us firmly in His hands. He wants us to take His word seriously and “with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

Praying Big begins with remembering that we serve a very BIG God. He is bigger than our fears, our struggles, our falls, our joys, our plans, and our expectations.

Praying Big encourages us to invest ourselves in prayer in a big way. Faith-full people are always big pray-ers. When we pour ourselves into prayer, God pours Himself into us.

Praying Big invites us to see our lives, our challenges, our opportunities, and our world through heaven’s eyes. Prayer changes our vision, our responses, and our attitudes because in prayer God changes us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray big. God is bigger than I can imagine. His purpose is bigger than I can dream. His love is bigger than the ocean. His grace is bigger than the expanse of the skies. Praying big opens my heart to His big possibilities. It teaches me to depend on His wisdom, rather than my own. It sets me free from the giants, walls, and boundaries that the world tries to put in my path. When I pray big, I declare that the cross is the magnifier that makes all things possible.




2 responses

28 03 2014
Mary Moudy

Casandra, is there any way you can send your messages out with bigger print, even a little bigger? I can hardy read them any more and seldom try because it is so difficult to read. I feel I’m going blind. You’ve had a dear place in our lives. Have you read “Muscle & a Shovel?” If not you muct get a copy and read it. Alvin and I have read it aloud to each other twice. It’s a great tool for evangelism.



28 03 2014
Casandra Martin

Mary, you can make the messages bigger by making an adjustment on your computer screen. Perhaps your sweet family can help figure it out. Love to all in Happy! Casandra

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