31 03 2014

Snow is brilliant white when it is freshly fallen and glistening in the sunlight. It doesn’t take long, however, for snow to become mushy, grey, and grimy. By this time of year, we can’t wait for the piles of drab, dirty snow to melt and be replaced by the fresh greens of spring.


Do you ever feel drab? Drab is a word that captures more than a physical lack of color. Drab can be a state of the spirit, a way of thinking, or the location of our hearts. Drab is what happens when the struggles of life siphon off the joy that is supposed to color our days.


God doesn’t mean for us to live in gray days. Jesus came so that we can live in abundance, experience fullness, be saturated in grace, and immersed in the bright colors of His glory. God can take what is dirty, drab, and disillusioned and transform it. Whether it is the ground outside or the landscape of our souls. His presence brings light, joy, peace, goodness, and hope to souls that are drab and dirty because of struggles and sin.


My Jesus Resolution today is to open my eyes and heart to the beauty of God. Virgil A. Kraft said, “Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” I am going to let the sights, sounds, and smells of spring remind me of the transformation God longs to work in my soul. God specializes in taking what is broken, dull, cheerless, and drab and changing it into something that radiates with His goodness. God desires to fill me with beauty. Stepping toward the cross is the first move out of drab into the bright colors of His delight.



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31 03 2014
Mary Moudy

Thanks Casandra for the larger print…………I could easily read it. Please keep it up. Your message was great. God’s world isn’t drab. We just got back from a world of seeing the bluebonnets. It was great.


Mary Moudy

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