26 03 2014

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.” – Martin Luther

Technically, it is spring. It is written on the calendar, although certain areas of the country still haven’t received the memo. Whether it is snowing or sunny where you are today, spring is coming, and with it, a chance to see the Gospel revealed.

Spring is a time of new life, rebirth, and fresh beginnings. Plants awaken as the sun warms the earth. Trees bud, flowers bloom, and grass grows. What was brown and dead gives way to color and life. Spring is a time of transformation and change. It opens our eyes, infuses energy into our steps, and reminds us that the barren days of winter are not forever.

Every seed proclaims the purpose of God. Every flower declares His glory. Every tree stands tall and reveals His truth. Christians have the blessing of seeing His message everywhere they look. He uses every leaf, caterpillar, and blade of grass to point the world to His promises and deep love. His power is on display in the clouds and the stars. His wisdom can be seen in the unfolding beauty of the seasons. His faithfulness has full voice in the singing of the birds and the whisper of the winds. Each day we get to help others see His hand in the simple beauty that fills the earth.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pay attention to the lessons spring teaches me about God. After months of cold and grey, I want to revel in the beauty that God is bringing to life in the earth. It is part of the testimony that speaks so profoundly about His heart and purpose. I want to appreciate the sun’s warmth and soak in His presence. I want to smile at newly blooming flowers and immerse myself in His grace. As the earth takes on new life, I want to cherish the new life I have in Christ. The Gospel is proclaimed everywhere. I want my life to proclaim it as well.



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26 03 2014
Paula Pancoast

Beautifully stated as always Casandra. God’s love notes surround us…we just need to be aware of his glory and splendor. Thank you!

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