True Beauty

24 03 2014

Are you beautiful? I can see you cringe just a bit when I ask that question. When we talk about beauty, our thoughts often go to hair, make-up, outfits, and shoes. In our world, beauty is a “look” captured on magazine covers and sold by the media. The truth is that beauty is not nearly as much about how you look, but found in how you look at yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” While this truth can be applied in many areas, it is especially true when you look in the mirror. No one can make you feel ugly without your consent. Confidence, courage, and self-respect are the foundation of true beauty. Your beauty isn’t defined by your size, color, or shape. It is defined by your heart and the way you use all the gifts God gives you. When you understand that your worth lies in your uniqueness, your beauty truly begins to shine through.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate beauty. All beauty is designed to help us delight in the power, wisdom, and love of God. When we look at a bouquet of flowers, we soak in the different colors, textures, sizes, and fragrances. No one complains that a sunflower and a rose have different kinds of beauty. We enjoy them both and thank God for His creativity. You are a flower in God’s bouquet, beautiful and vibrant because He made you to reveal His glory.



One response

24 03 2014
Linda Little

Thanks, Cassandra, I needed this message today. So often, like today, your message is exactly what I need to lift me up. So glad you have the discipline and talent with words that touch your readers. God bless you as you continue to give us spiritual blessings through the printed word.

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