More Than We Can Imagine

21 03 2014

Sometimes we just need a little reassurance, a chance to refocus, and an opportunity to readjust our perspective. Problems have a way of sneaking in and stealing our confidence. Worries worm their way into our hearts and plunder our peace. Circumstances crash into our faith, leaving us bruised and shaken. No matter what you are facing today, God wants you to remember these more-than-we-can-imagine truths.

1. God’s grace is bigger.

2. God’s love is deeper.

3. God’s power is stronger.

4. God’s ways are higher.

5. God’s faithfulness is steadier.

6. God’s goodness is purer.

7. God’s glory is greater.

8. God’s joy is richer.

9. God’s promises are surer.

10. God’s presence is closer.

My Jesus Resolution today is to trust in my more-than-I-can-imagine God. God is bigger, stronger, higher, deeper, and nearer than I can imagine. What I know about Him is just the tip of the iceberg. I tend to put God in a box of my own design and dimensions, and then worry when He doesn’t seem to measure up to the troubles knocking on my door. Today I want to throw away my box and let God be God-sized. What might happen if I surrendered my big problems, my big sins, my big doubts, and my big fears to my even bigger God? More than we can imagine.



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