Spring’s Coming

28 02 2014

It has been a cold, wet week. The wind is chilly and blows right through you as you walk outside, ducking the droplets of cold rain. After this much damp cold, our bodies start hungering for warmth and sunshine. We long to stretch and let the open blue skies expand our souls and our horizons. We are anxious to take a deep breath of fragrant air and remember the possibilities that come with new starts, fresh beginnings, and the promise of spring.

But today, it is still cold. The clouds blanket the sky in a covering of grey. Impossibles are a lot like cold, grey days. We fight the way they chill our souls. We struggle against the way that they limit our perspective and dampen our spirits. God’s Possibles are like the sunshine. We crave its warmth. We value its light, the way it makes things grow, and how it illuminates our boundaries with new opportunities. We make it through the winter’s chill because we know that spring is coming. Impossibles melt into Possibles when we keep our eyes on the Son.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember that spring is coming. The dark clouds and cold days don’t define my limits. God’s promises are as real in the edges of winter as they are on the brightest summer day. He is at work in me even when it seems like nothing is growing and shadows fill every corner. Even as I pull up the corner of my jacket against the wind, I can anticipate the warmth that will come with spring. I can look forward to counting the ways God has used these cold days to prepare me to flourish and bloom in the light of His presence.



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