Fill and Flow

26 02 2014

Who do you want to be? I think that we all want to be strong, courageous, compassionate, joyous, and confident. We want to love our families, nurture our children, share deep friendships, make a difference where we walk, and fulfill our God-given purpose. A conversation this week reminded me of an important principle that lies at the heart of living the kind of life I dream of living. I call it the Fill and Flow principle.

Imagine that you are a pitcher. Out of your pitcher flows everything that you want to give to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow Christians. Your love, time, creativity, strength, service, laughter, and hope flow like a stream into the lives of those you meet, work with, and love. I fervently pray to pour Christlikeness into every conversation, every encounter, and every activity throughout my day. In the midst of all of that pouring, however, I often lose sight of one important truth – I can’t pour out what isn’t a part of me.

If I want to pour out Jesus, I have to take the time to fill myself with Him. If I want peace to flow out, I have to be still and let Peace fill me up. The same is true of love, truth, compassion, goodness, holiness, and hope. Sometimes I get so busy, things are so hectic, and life is so crazy that the easiest things to cross of the list are the “fill” practices – Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and worship. It almost seems selfish to invest time in filling up. The truth is that is short-sighted to try to live an all flow, no fill life. God created us to live in a cycle of filling and flowing. Filling reminds us to be dependent, to be quiet and humble, and to refocus our eyes on the One who fills all with the fullness of Himself.

My Jesus Resolution today is to live in the rhythm of fill and flow. I am learning that you can’t shortcut the filling in order to keep up with the crazy busy flow of life. I serve better when I spend time with the Servant. I love more deeply when I allow Him to fill me with His immeasurable love. I can share more joy when I have saturated my soul with His presence. The cross can flow more readily into my moments when I have planted myself in its shadow.



2 responses

3 03 2014
Katy Penick

I so needed to be reminded of this!!! You’re the BEST Casandra!

4 03 2014
Lou Ann

I feel like I’m running on empty. But the Lord has provided a snow day where I live and I will take advantage of the time for a fill up.

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