3 03 2014

I want to be a dreamer. Dreaming opens up vistas, pushes back boundaries, and frees us to imagine that something bigger than what we can see today is possible. Dreaming is important. If we never take time to dream, we can never see beyond where we are right now. We can end up in a rut of the regular, routine, and repetitive. Dreaming fuels the hard work that it takes to make tomorrow brighter than today.

Dreaming is more than wishful thinking. Dreaming is the launching pad for real and practical change. It is what inspires us, energizes us, and keeps us heading in the right direction. The mechanics of realizing a dream are rarely easy. They require discipline, commitment, and a willingness to believe that the dream is worth the price that must be paid to make it a reality.

The world encourages us to dream our own dreams. Pick anything, work hard, and make it your own. As a society, we like people who follow their dreams. We make movies about people who risk everything, give everything, to make their dreams come true. Our world is not as comfortable with people who live out God’s dreams. God’s dreams are bigger, more encompassing, and more penetrating than dreams we could ever dream for ourselves. God dreams of igniting light in darkness, love amidst hate, generosity in a world defined by greed, and sacrifice among people prone to selfishness. Living in God’s dreams has the power to shake the foundations, rock our realities, and change the world.

My Jesus Resolution today is to dream. I don’t want to dream just any dreams. I want to dream dreams bigger than the ones I can dream for myself. I want to dream God-shaped, God-sized, God-designed dreams. I also want to be committed to allowing God’s dream to take form in me. This is where it gets hard. In order to live in God’s dream, I have to give up my own. I have to surrender, obey, and trust that the cross-shaped, Christ-reflecting, resurrection-empowered life He dreams for me can be a reality when I walk, and dream, with Him.



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