The Word

27 01 2014

“I have stored up your word in my heart…” – Psalm 119:11a

Putting on the armor of God empowers us to stand in the difficult places of life, rather than being run over by fear, desperation, and despair. The armor doesn’t make life easy. It gives us the courage and the perspective we need to face our struggles with grace and walk with Him in full surrender.

Perhaps no piece of armor penetrates the needs of our souls more pointedly than the Word of God. In the Bible, we hear His voice, enter His presence, see His hand, and experience His love. Here are ten ways to practice putting on the Word of God.

1. Study His Word – dig deeply into the treasures God wants to give you through His Word.

2. Meditate on His Word – let His Word soak down into the thirsty crevices of your heart.

3. Sing His Word – allow a melody to shape your steps and define your rhythm.

4. Read His Word – reading His Word is like turning on the light. It illuminates everything.

5. Speak His Word – talk to someone else about how God’s Word is speaking to you.

6. Listen to His Word – let His words echo in your mind as you learn to listen to His voice.

7. Write His Word – slowing down to write a verse down helps us write it on our hearts.

8. Memorize His Word – when you memorize scripture, it becomes a part of you in a way that is special and unique.

9. Carry His Word – put the Bible on your phone and check your “messages” from God.

10. Live His Word – the best way to cement the Word in your life is to live the Word and let it be your life.

My Jesus Resolution today is to put on the Word of God. I want it to saturate the core of who I am. I want it to shape my spirit, transform my soul, define my vision, and mark my steps. Sometimes because the Word of God is so readily available I get complacent about being deliberate about putting it on. Today that changes. God chooses to speak to me. He wants me to know Him. He invites me into His presence. The Bible is more than an amazing book. It reveals an amazing God. Time to put it on and experience the amazing things He has in store for me.



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