24 01 2014

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” – 1 John 5:13

The day I got married changed my life. It changed my name, my address, my identity, my perspective, and the way I lived each piece of the day. Now my decisions had to be made in the light of this new relationship. My actions became tethered to the well-being of another person. Love took on dimensions I had never imagined.

Fast forward to today. Years have passed. Anniversaries have been celebrated. Our family has grown, and we have developed a rhythm that comes from living and loving together for a long time. I am still married. Just as married as I was on the day I said, “I do.” Yet, I have matured in my understanding of what it means to be married. I have a better picture of what it takes to be a wife, to love through thick and thin, and to rest confidently in the love that God has given us.

The moment of salvation is like a wedding day. In baptism, we commit to belonging to God and accept the relationship He so wants to share with us. It is a moment of transformation that moves us from death to life and changes our names, identity, purpose, and perspective. The Holy Spirit moves in and we begin to learn what it means to live in rhythm with God. As time passes, we mature in our understanding of what it means to put on salvation. We are saved, but we grow in our salvation as we learn and experience the richness and beauty of being loved by God.

My Jesus Resolution today is to put on salvation. God has made me amazing, faithful, heart-changing promises. He wants me to have confidence in His grace, assurance in His purpose, and faith in His constant presence. Salvation isn’t a one-time action that I mark on a calendar and becomes dusty history. Salvation is a commitment to a relationship that becomes sweeter with each step we take together.



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