22 01 2014

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7

One of our little friends just got glasses. He looks very cute and is very proud of how smart they make him look. When we asked him if he likes his new glasses, he said, “Sure, now I can see.” Before glasses, he didn’t realize that there was a whole unblurry world out there for him to enjoy. He thought that fuzziness was a reality for everyone. It is amazing how rich the colors are, how deep the horizon goes, and how limitless the possibilities are when our vision is clear.

Faith is in many ways a vision word. It is a way of seeing the world, of looking at life, at choosing a path, and understanding our circumstances. It is a decision to see ourselves through the eyes of God. His truth becomes the lens that gives us focus. It helps us step around the potholes, avoid the traps, and recognize the world’s mirrors of misdirection.

Faith is the choice to trust God enough to move with Him. There is no such thing as theoretical faith. Faith expresses itself in the decision to walk where He walks, rest where He rests, and follow where He leads. It is not always easy. We stand in difficult moments that require hard heart choices. Will I trust that God is in this moment? That He loves me? That He is keeping His promises? That I can trust Him when everything around me is crumbling and doesn’t make sense? Faith says “yes” to God even when we can’t see anything but “no.”

My Jesus Resolution today is to put on faith. Faith works a lot like a seed in our lives. It has to develop roots, be nurtured, and given time and space to grow. The better I know God, the deeper my faith roots can go into His heart. Every time I surrender, it stretches my faith and expands my ability to see more clearly. Faith allows me to see the richness, depth, glory, and beauty of the life God wants me to live. I don’t want to live a fuzzy, blurry life. I want to live a life that is focused by faith.



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