20 01 2014

“For he himself is our peace…” – Ephesians 2:14a

Sometimes my entire decision about what I am going to wear is based on my shoes. Do I crave comfort? Do I need something dressy? Is it sandal weather or are boots required? I build my outfit from the feet up.

God pictures peace as the shoes that we put on as we get ready to walk in the world. Many times we think of peace as something that we hope follows as we move through life’s circumstances. The Lord tells us that peace is what we put on to help us be ready to face whatever life throws at us.

Peace is an active trust in the sovereignty of God. It is a decision to stand in whatever situation we find ourselves believing in the truth that God is present, God is faithful, and God is moving for our very best good. Peace doesn’t mean that everything around us is calm and under control. Peace is the decision to trust that God is in control – even if I don’t understand, can’t see, am blinded by tears, or want something different. Peace flows from putting on shoes that will help me walk with my hand in His.

My Jesus Resolution today is to put on peace. When I get dressed in the morning, my entire outfit for the day is determined by the kind of shoes that I decide to wear. The same is true for my soul. Peace grows out of the decision I make to trust the heart of God. Today I can stand in the middle of whatever circumstances life throws my way because God has given me the shoes I need to walk in His steps.



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