29 01 2014

“Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Some days we move through this world as the walking wounded. Our hearts hurt. Tears fall. Fear and faith feel like they are in a wrestling match in our souls. Putting on the armor of God helps us stand, rather than stumble as we navigate the struggles of this life. Prayer is the final piece that pulls all the rest together.

In prayer, very simple but amazing things happen. When we pray, we make a declaration of faith that transforms us even as the first words are spoken. Bowing our heads acknowledges that God is here, God is real, and God is listening. Prayer helps us look at our circumstances and see through them, around them, and  beyond them. When we pray, we do so because we believe that God is active in our world and willing and able to move on our behalf. Prayer understands that the One who lives in the highest heavens is willing to step into my struggles and make a way for me to walk more closely with Him.

Prayer is like a tether. It keeps us tied to God. It fixes our hope in the power of God. It prevents us from drifting away from God. It keeps my heart soft, my spirit humble, and my life bound to Him in dependence and trust.

My Jesus Resolution today is to put on prayer. I have never met a person of great faith who is not also a person of deep prayer. That understanding is both humbling and convicting. Putting on prayer changes it from a “do” to a “be.” I don’t just want to pray. I want to be a person of prayer. When I put on prayer, I invite God into the middle of who I am and where I walk. I want the connection I share with God to so permeate who I am that prayer surrounds every conversation, saturates every encounter, and fills every breath.



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