15 11 2013

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” – Matthew 5:6

 I have thirty Bibles. Those are just the ones downstairs. I didn’t go upstairs to count the Bibles in my kids’ rooms (or maybe I just didn’t want to see the mess). Anyway. That also doesn’t include the electronic Bibles to which I have easy access. Anybody with a phone, tablet, or computer can access literally hundreds of versions of God’s Word with the touch of a button. That is amazing. It should be humbling. Has it made us hungry?

This week I read a beautiful story about a woman with a deep hunger for God’s Word. Living in a village in northern Ghana, the young woman was given by her father in marriage to a man who savagely beat her. She escaped with her two youngest babies to a vocational school that teaches women basic skills they need in order to have a hope of providing for their children.

Every day while these young women are learning how to sew, they listen to an audio Bible and hear the voice of God speaking love and hope into their days. The young woman in the story is so hungry for God’s precious Word that she records it on her cell phone so that she can listen to His truth at night with her children.

I wept. Tears of joy that she is so hungry for God and He is answering her hunger. Tears of shame at my own lack of appetite.

My Jesus Resolution today is to grow a hunger in my soul. I want to crave God. I want to ache to hear His voice. I want to yearn to be in His presence. I want to want nothing less than the words of life. But it is an appetite that I have to feed. It is a hunger that has to be trained to settle for nothing less than the sweetness of His voice. Growing a hunger means emptying my soul of the “junk food” of the world. Today I want to imagine how the eyes of a young woman from Ghana would light up if she got to hold even one of my Bibles. And I want to look just like her.



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15 11 2013


16 11 2013

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