Gratitude’s Lessons

18 11 2013

Thanksgiving is more than the casual cataloguing of things that have been given to us. It is the recognition that God stands in the middle of all things. His presence permeates our lives, surrounds our broken hearts, walks with us through deep joys and wrenching sorrows, and declares His truth over and over for every soul willing to listen.

Here are ten things that being thankful are supposed to teach us about the heart of God.

1. Forgiveness is real.

2. Transformation is possible.

3. Love really does conquer all.

4. Hope is irrepressible.

5. The details do matter.

6. Joy is tucked into unexpected places.

7. Goodness is more powerful than we understand.

8. His plan is perfect.

9. His timing is always right.

10. Jesus is always the answer.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be a student of gratitude. Counting my blessings is not merely an exercise in listing what makes me happy, but of declaring how God’s goodness infuses every part of my life. Thanksgiving challenges me to look deeply at my circumstances, relationships, struggles, joys, and experiences and trace the hand of God at every turn. His presence is what ignites joy. His nearness is the catalyst for hallelujahs. My blessings are tailor made for my good and His glory. Each one is designed to open my eyes, stretch my soul, and impact the way I step into the next moment.



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