13 11 2013

I love the transparency of children. One way or the other, their honesty both convicts me and inspires me.

Sitting in Bible class on Sunday morning, the first graders were talking about prayer and the power of learning to listen to God. Enthusiastically, each child pointed out a time and place when they could pray. “We can even pray right now!” one child commented. We did, and it was a sweet moment. The conversation then turned to the truth that we need to not only talk to God, but take the time to listen to His word and His voice. With humble and innocent hearts, they discussed the importance of being aware of God’s presence in their day.

One precious little girl was very quiet. Finally, she whispered words that thundered in my soul. “It might be hard to listen to God at Disneyworld.” The other children nodded gravely in agreement. One little boy who visited there this summer declared, “I already had that problem.” I was stunned and humbled. Seven years old and they understand the power the world has to distract us from God.

As adults we tend to think that we can manage the world’s distractions. We believe that we can minimize their impact, blunt their power, or multi-task our way into His presence. Recognizing the times, places, and situations that distract me from God is the first step in developing a focus that will carry me through those things that pull my attention away from Him.

My Jesus Resolution today is to name my distractions. Distractions can take many shapes – worry, busyness, people, pleasure, struggles, or fun. Some distractions are dazzling and promise thrills, relaxation, and satisfaction. Sometimes they show up as dark times or in difficult people. These distractions siphon off our joy, ravage our peace, and make us feel isolated. Whatever their form, naming my distraction loosens its hold on my soul and invites God to transform my eyes and my heart so that I can recognize the presence and power of the King even as I walk through the kingdoms of this world.



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13 11 2013
Joyce lampley

As i read this in the quiet moments of the morning, thoughts of what i need to do intrude on my efforts to connect with God before i start my day. Distractions are something i really struggle with.

13 11 2013
Luanne Shelton

Thanks for a great article. I think I have let worry rob me of the presence of God way too many times. Will be praying about this matter that I can see God in small and large ways!

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