4 11 2013

Magnets are cool. Because of the complex and intricate way God designed the earth, magnets have the power of attraction. When iron is magnetized, it can pull other pieces of metal closer. Magnets even have the power to transform metal that is not magnetized into something that attracts other metals.

Magnets have two poles. One pole will repel while the other pole attracts. When you play with magnets, you can feel its power. The invisible force either draws or resists efforts to join it to another magnet.

In many ways, the world is full of magnets – things that pull at our hearts, attract our attention, and attempt to draw us in. In order to resist the world’s pull, we have to be remagnetized. Our hearts need to be transformed so that they are no longer attracted to what is worldly, but to what is good and godly. The remagnetization process begins when there is contact between the magnet and the object being changed. At the atomic level, the substance of the metal is reorganized in order to reorient it and make it magnetic. Now it is attracted to the magnet that powered its transformation.

My Jesus Resolution today is to hold a magnet and let its power draw me to Jesus. I don’t want my heart to be attracted to the world, to be stuck to selfishness, pulled by comfort, or drawn to convenience.  I need to undergo a remagnetization process that will transform what my heart finds appealing. I need to be in such constant contact with Jesus that the world loses its pull on my soul. I want my faith to be so magnetized by Christ that it resists the temptations that try to pull me in, but is instead drawn straight into the presence of God.



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