Common Courage

1 11 2013

Are you courageous? Most of us don’t think of ourselves as particularly courageous. We live ordinary lives and do everyday things. There aren’t many lions’ dens, armed giants, or massive walled cities to conquer amid the laundry, dishes, deadlines, and carpool trips that fill our days. Courage, we believe, is for big moments, bright spotlights, and blinding pressure. We hope we will have it when we need it, but common and courage are rarely used in the same sentence.

The dictionary defines courage as the power to deal with or face danger, fear, difficulty, or pain. It finds its origin in a root word that means “heart.” It is an inner strength to face what lies before us.

You are more courageous than you think. When you choose to look like Jesus in the regular rhythm of your day, you reveal a heart that has been touched by God. Choosing kindness when treated with rudeness requires courage. Choosing service instead of selfishness demands courage. Choosing to speak up when it would be easier to be quiet invokes courage. Choosing graciousness instead of self-pity in the face of a difficult diagnosis or outcome necessitates courage. It takes courage to step out, get up, face your fears, carry your burdens, walk into the unknown, trusting God to lead the way.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray for common courage. I need courage to face the ordinary challenges that fill my day. I want to recognize God’s presence, depend on His power, and walk in His steps no matter what today holds. I want eyes to see and celebrate the courage that surrounds me every day. I witness more acts of common courage than I realize. I want to recognize God’s fingerprints on those moments. I don’t want to take courage for granted or lose sight of the courage it takes to reflect Jesus in my small corner of the world.



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