Asking For Help

6 11 2013

I need help. Those words are harder to say than I imagined. I don’t like having to depend on others, reveal vulnerability, or admit that I can’t do it. I have to confess that my pride has gotten in the way of practicality more than once. But I am learning how to ask for help and accept it with grace. Here are a couple of lessons that I have learned as I am learning to ask for help.

First, nobody cares. I don’t mean that in the negative way. Nobody cares that I need help. They are fine with lending a hand even as I struggle with asking for one. People are less judgmental than I thought. The people who really matter don’t see weakness, imperfection, or someone who doesn’t measure up. They just see me, where I am in this moment, and love me in a way that embraces the good and the difficult.

Second, kindness abounds. More people are willing to help than I imagined. And not just family and friends. Complete strangers are kind and generous too. One lady told me about being in the airport and needing to walk across the terminal to the restroom. She looked at the distance and knew she couldn’t make it on her own. She tapped the hand of the man sitting next to her and asked for help. He took her arm, walked her to the door, and waited for her to come out.

Third, asking for help is helping me look more like Jesus. Being divine, Jesus didn’t need anything, but He still asked for help. He sat in the desert by a well and asked for a drink of water. Crowds saw tears roll down His cheeks. He let people make Him dinner, watch Him sleep, see Him struggle in prayer, and wrestle with sorrow. Jesus allowed others to serve Him and provide for His needs. Jesus was transparent. I need to follow in His steps.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask for help when I need it. It is hard, but so many blessings flow out of laying down my desire to have it all together and just admit I need a hand. I am seeing with new eyes. My heart is softer and more humble. I appreciate the safety that comes from being honest. I have met some neat people and been overwhelmed with gratitude. I always want to be someone who extends kindness. Now I am learning that receiving kindness is its own special kind of grace.



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6 11 2013
Linda Linscomb

Casandra, thanks for this timely post. Had never thought about Jesus asking for help. 😊 Linda Linscomb Manchester NH (Been a while, you probably don’t remember me. I’m the preachers wife at the Manchester NH congregation where you spoke at our Ladies Day. Thanks!! )

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6 11 2013
Katy Penick

This is a tough for one me. Thanks for being so real! You have no idea how much you encourage me. Thanks for the encouragement too. 🙂

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