Low Battery

8 05 2013

The day is not off to a good start when your stomach sinks before five a.m. Far up the east coast, away from my family, I stared at the low battery bars on my phone in disbelief. I had brought a charger. I had plugged it in. But nothing happened.

I thought about the long day of travel in front of me. My mind started to run through all the reasons that I might need my phone. Fighting down a touch of panic, I began to make a plan to conserve energy. No more texting, surfing, game playing, or music listening. As I stood in my hotel room, I realized how often I take the ability to plug in and power up for granted.

The low battery on my phone reminded me a lot of what my heart might look like if it had visible battery bars. Sometimes I wish that I had as noticeable a reminder to plug into the Power Source as is on my phone. Low joy warnings or declining peace alerts would remind me to make time to recharge my soul. Ebbing energy or weak worship could prompt me to slow down and find my rest in His presence.

My Jesus Resolution today is to plug in and recharge. Too often I let myself get completely drained before I look for a way to reenergize. I allow my heart to run on empty, and wonder why the day is filled with worry, irritation, frustration, and weariness. Plugging in my phone is a daily habit. Plugging my soul into the Power Source should be as well.

The Bow Tie

6 05 2013

If there was ever a moment for a picture, this was it. My little friend walked through the pews with the biggest grin ever. He proudly puffed his chest and walked with a bit of a swagger. He was wearing new church clothes, complete with bow tie.

He had already received many compliments as he made his way toward me. He liked the attention, but he was on a mission. He wanted to see his big buddy. My son and this little one share a special friendship. They have played, laughed, tickled, and stood up for each other. Today they were both wearing bow ties.

My son had received a bow tie as a birthday present from dear friends. That was the inspiration. Now the little one was imitating the big one and they were a sight to see. Throw in a couple of dads willing to join in, and the bow ties began to point me to Jesus.

The bow ties were distinctive. They helped the boys to stand out. They also served as a unifier, tying the boys together. That is what Jesus does. His presence in our lives makes us distinct from the patterns of the world. He also binds us together. He unites us, weaving our lives together with His and each other as we tell a common story and live out a common purpose.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be aware of bow tie moments. Bow tie moments are those instances when I can see a reflection of Jesus in the mirror. I want to be like my little friend. I want to search Him out and imitate His style. I really want to stand with friends who are wearing the same grace. I want to have the courage to be distinct, let others notice His character, and to tell others where I got my inspiration.


3 05 2013

Today, I’m whispering. Too awed to speak aloud. Too humbled to be in a hurry. I want the intense intimacy of this moment to sear deeply into my soul. Grace has washed over me…again.

It crawls into the nooks and crannies of my heart, cleansing, renewing, reviving, and transforming. Erasing my sin, washing away the stain, the shame, it leaves joy in its wake. It spreads hope like a salve on the broken pieces of my dreams. It infuses peace in the darkness, allowing me to breathe again, and rest, and know that I am safe.

Grace gently speaks His love into my life, into my minutes. Those minutes when I am frustrated. Those minutes when I am lost. Those minutes when I am overwhelmed. Drop by precious drop, each minute holds sufficient grace. Enough to get me through. Enough to see You.

Grace takes the ashes, the aches, the agonies, and the accidents and saturates them with purpose. His good is taking shape in me…right now. Because of grace. By grace. Immersed in grace. He steps into every piece of who I am offering to transform it, change it into something tinged with glory. How can someone grounded in guilt, greed, gossip, groans, and grumbling ever see the light of glory? Grace. Sweet, amazing grace.

My Jesus Resolution today is to whisper grace. I will let grace frame my day as I arise to new mercies and fresh starts. I will let grace guide my steps as I walk through my day. I will let grace inspire gratitude, graciousness, and giving. I will it open my eyes, soften my heart, bend my knees, and revive my spirit. I will let grace wrap me in the warm comfort of His presence, knowing that tomorrow grace will wash over me again.

Sunny Days

1 05 2013

The beautiful sunny days of spring have arrived. After winter skies filled with heavy grey and cold blue, it is a blessing to feel the sun and watch it make the day sparkle. These bright days have the power to open up our spirits and call us to stretch, grow, and be refreshed.

Sunlight is an amazing thing. Our world is designed to be dependent on the light of the sun. The same is true of our souls. Sonlight is essential to our well-being. Here are ten Light truths to soak in today.

1. Light activates growth.

2. Light heals.

3. Light travels great distances to reach us.

4. Light warms.

5. Light illuminates.

6. Light provides energy.

7. Light comforts.

8. Light announces a new day.

9. Light makes darkness vanish.

10. Light is necessary for joy.

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” – John 8:12

My Jesus Resolution today is to bask in the Sonlight. I am going to go outside and let the sunlight remind me how precious the Son is to my spirit. All the things that light does for my body are just shadows of what the Light does for my soul. Light is essential. It is indispensable to health, growth, sight, and direction. Light is transformative, even on a cellular level. If my body is this powerfully influenced by sunlight, imagine the impact soaking in Sonlight will have on me.