Low Battery

8 05 2013

The day is not off to a good start when your stomach sinks before five a.m. Far up the east coast, away from my family, I stared at the low battery bars on my phone in disbelief. I had brought a charger. I had plugged it in. But nothing happened.

I thought about the long day of travel in front of me. My mind started to run through all the reasons that I might need my phone. Fighting down a touch of panic, I began to make a plan to conserve energy. No more texting, surfing, game playing, or music listening. As I stood in my hotel room, I realized how often I take the ability to plug in and power up for granted.

The low battery on my phone reminded me a lot of what my heart might look like if it had visible battery bars. Sometimes I wish that I had as noticeable a reminder to plug into the Power Source as is on my phone. Low joy warnings or declining peace alerts would remind me to make time to recharge my soul. Ebbing energy or weak worship could prompt me to slow down and find my rest in His presence.

My Jesus Resolution today is to plug in and recharge. Too often I let myself get completely drained before I look for a way to reenergize. I allow my heart to run on empty, and wonder why the day is filled with worry, irritation, frustration, and weariness. Plugging in my phone is a daily habit. Plugging my soul into the Power Source should be as well.



3 responses

8 05 2013
Paula Freeman

Dear Casandra, I recently attended the CT Ladies’ Day where you presented “God’s Love Notes.” Thank you for sharing with us. I had a blessed day, encouraged by the lessons and fellowship. May God continue to strengthen and guide you as you pursue your ministry of serving women for Him. In His love, Paula Freeman

8 05 2013

Excellent thoughts. I think of all the storms – hurricanes and blizzards we have had up north, and how having charged electronics is critical, how much more in the storms of life. Thank you for helping to recharge batteries while up north 🙂

9 05 2013
Katy Penick

Do you live in my head and read my mind? 🙂 We are just starting a new study for the summer/fall using your Living Stones workbook. love, love, love it! Thank you for using your God given gifts.

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