The Bow Tie

6 05 2013

If there was ever a moment for a picture, this was it. My little friend walked through the pews with the biggest grin ever. He proudly puffed his chest and walked with a bit of a swagger. He was wearing new church clothes, complete with bow tie.

He had already received many compliments as he made his way toward me. He liked the attention, but he was on a mission. He wanted to see his big buddy. My son and this little one share a special friendship. They have played, laughed, tickled, and stood up for each other. Today they were both wearing bow ties.

My son had received a bow tie as a birthday present from dear friends. That was the inspiration. Now the little one was imitating the big one and they were a sight to see. Throw in a couple of dads willing to join in, and the bow ties began to point me to Jesus.

The bow ties were distinctive. They helped the boys to stand out. They also served as a unifier, tying the boys together. That is what Jesus does. His presence in our lives makes us distinct from the patterns of the world. He also binds us together. He unites us, weaving our lives together with His and each other as we tell a common story and live out a common purpose.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be aware of bow tie moments. Bow tie moments are those instances when I can see a reflection of Jesus in the mirror. I want to be like my little friend. I want to search Him out and imitate His style. I really want to stand with friends who are wearing the same grace. I want to have the courage to be distinct, let others notice His character, and to tell others where I got my inspiration.



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