3 05 2013

Today, I’m whispering. Too awed to speak aloud. Too humbled to be in a hurry. I want the intense intimacy of this moment to sear deeply into my soul. Grace has washed over me…again.

It crawls into the nooks and crannies of my heart, cleansing, renewing, reviving, and transforming. Erasing my sin, washing away the stain, the shame, it leaves joy in its wake. It spreads hope like a salve on the broken pieces of my dreams. It infuses peace in the darkness, allowing me to breathe again, and rest, and know that I am safe.

Grace gently speaks His love into my life, into my minutes. Those minutes when I am frustrated. Those minutes when I am lost. Those minutes when I am overwhelmed. Drop by precious drop, each minute holds sufficient grace. Enough to get me through. Enough to see You.

Grace takes the ashes, the aches, the agonies, and the accidents and saturates them with purpose. His good is taking shape in me…right now. Because of grace. By grace. Immersed in grace. He steps into every piece of who I am offering to transform it, change it into something tinged with glory. How can someone grounded in guilt, greed, gossip, groans, and grumbling ever see the light of glory? Grace. Sweet, amazing grace.

My Jesus Resolution today is to whisper grace. I will let grace frame my day as I arise to new mercies and fresh starts. I will let grace guide my steps as I walk through my day. I will let grace inspire gratitude, graciousness, and giving. I will it open my eyes, soften my heart, bend my knees, and revive my spirit. I will let grace wrap me in the warm comfort of His presence, knowing that tomorrow grace will wash over me again.



2 responses

4 05 2013

Thank you. Your lesson was a blessing at Manchester today. Deborah

24 05 2013
Bernice Harris

Thxs Grace was really needed and welcome by metoday:)

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