20 02 2013

I am overwhelmed. Have you ever been there? I seem to live on the edge of overwhelmed. As long as I can keep the balls juggling, the plates all in the air, and my feet from tripping over my shoelaces, I have hope of making it through the day. But, you know the story. All it takes is one phone call, one deadline, one too many balls escaping, or the inevitable splat that comes when I stumble to find me overwhelmed and almost undone.

Time to stop and breathe.

It is okay to be overwhelmed. In those heavy, heart-thudding, stomach-knot moments, God wants me to learn to listen to His gentle whisper. Lifting my eyes to His face lets Him overwhelm my sense of being overwhelmed.

Today God wants to overwhelm me…

1. Overwhelm me with grace

2. Overwhelm me with love

3. Overwhelm me with power

4. Overwhelm me with purpose

5. Overwhelm me with joy

6. Overwhelm me with peace

7. Overwhelm me with glory

8. Overwhelm me with comfort

9. Overwhelm me with blessings

10. Overwhelm me with Presence

My Jesus Resolution today is to be overwhelmed. Overwhelm comes from a root word that means “to submerge completely.” That definition speaks to exactly what my heart needs. I need to be submerged completely in Christ. Perhaps when I am, my days and my heart won’t struggle with being so overwhelmed.



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20 02 2013
Oleta Coleman

Casandra — great thought! Think I may need to print this one out and hang it in a prominent place. Here’s to being overwhelmed! Thanks.

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