The Cross Collision

18 02 2013

My youngest son is now the tallest one in the family. This fact is a source of great joy for him. He towers over his parents and siblings, while grinning from ear to ear. He enjoys being called into action when I need something from the top shelf. But there are moments when being the tallest has its challenges.

He came in rubbing his scalp. “I just got hit in the head by a cross,” he lamented. The spot was tender, and he shook his head trying to clear the stars. He explained that he was stretching in the kitchen, and knocked one of the crosses we have hanging close to ceiling off the wall. With dramatic flourish, he demonstrated how the ebony cross smacked him right in the top of the head. “Guess God wants your attention,” was my gentle response.

But my son’s collision with the cross has left a deeper mark on my soul than on his head. Don’t we all need to collide with the cross? I would be better if I let the cross crash into my agenda for the day, leaving its imprint on my priorities, plans, and perspective. My relationships would be deeper and richer if I allowed the cross to bump its way into my heart, my words, and my actions. I would use my money, my time, my talents, and my stuff differently if I let the cross run right through me.

My Jesus Resolution today is to collide with the cross. Colliding with the cross would disrupt my world in beautiful, messy, and challenging ways. It would transform selfishness into sacrifice, grumbling into gratitude, whining into worship, and fear into faith. There might be a moment of pain when the cross crashes into my hard head, but it would be worth it. Colliding with the cross on a daily basis is the only way to grow.



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