Tiptoeing Around Miracles

22 02 2013

We are amazed by miracles. I know. Miracles are extraordinary events that should catch our breath, widen our eyes, and stretch our hearts. By their very definition, they should astound us. Yet, we often ask God to move in, unleash His power, and then we tiptoe around the miracle He provides.

We are not the first to struggle with tiptoeing around miracles. The church in Acts 12 spent the evening on their knees. Praying for Peter’s release, they interceded with God to intervene and interfere with Herod’s murderous plans. When Peter knocks on the door, they don’t believe it. They tell the servant girl that she is out of her mind. They prayed for a miracle, but tiptoe around the miracle in disbelief when it showed up.

When we ask God to do astonishing things, we shouldn’t be surprised when He does. Sometimes we struggle because the miracle doesn’t look like we expected it to look. Sometimes it shows up on God-time, rather than in my timing. Sometimes I am just amazed that He would do a miracle for me.

All of the power that Jesus displays is meant to send one message to our hearts. I want to work a miracle in you. I want to let my power flow through you. I want God’s glory to shine out of you.

My Jesus Resolution today is to stop tiptoeing around my miracles. Every day, God moves in and displays His glory. I can tiptoe around the edges or I can fall to my knees. I can poke them with a finger or raise my hands in praise. I can worry or I can worship. God works miracles in our lives every day in order to draw us deeper into His presence. Today when I see a miracle, I am going to smile, say thank you, and dive in. I want more than my toes to experience His wonder.



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