4 02 2013

I kept glancing at my watch, waiting for it to hit the top of the hour. The moment had almost arrived, and I was a little nervous. I shifted in my seat, looking at my watch again. Finally, the big hand reached twelve. I knew they were praying, and I breathed a little easier.

Several days earlier, I asked a group of my friends to be praying for me at this exact moment. They eagerly grabbed pen and paper, soaking in my request. Knowing their hearts, I knew that they would surround me in prayer when the hour arrived. Text messages reminded me that I was loved and covered in grace. My heart beat a little more evenly knowing they were asking God to guide my steps and reveal His glory in my situation at this precise moment.

Praying for someone is a profound privilege. We often have the opportunity to bring the struggles, heartaches, joys, tears, and concerns of others before our Father. Taking the next step and telling them you will be praying for them at a specific time makes the reality of your prayers concrete for the person you love. Ask when the appointment is, set an alarm, and pray. Commit to praying at the same time every day for your family. Tell them, and watch how the knowledge that you are covering them in prayer at that time lifts their eyes to God. Write a card, telling the recipient that you will spend a day this week taking them into the throne room of heaven.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be a part of the great cloud of witnesses. I have an opportunity today to cheer somebody on and encourage them in their walk of faith. I can surround them with prayer, send a text, write a card, give a hug, or whisper grace. Being specific about my willingness to connect our hearts gives us both a tangible way to experience God’s presence and power.



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4 02 2013

Thanks was looking for one from you. I always do thoroughly enjoy your reflections hope you do not object to me sharing them on all my walls doesn’t seem fair that only I would be so blessed by them when I know others who veil he equally blessed.
Thank You so much for your heart and desire in Christ.
In Christ,
Linda Dians Mullin

5 02 2013
Oleta Coleman

That was so special — to be joined in prayer with others who love you and wanted you to fly through your talks) for the day/conference!

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