Legacy List

6 02 2013

Today I am reminded of the power of a legacy. A legacy is more than a memory. A legacy is the pieces of yourself that live on in others. It motivates them, shapes their heart, and helps them see, move, love, and choose differently. What do I want to live on in this world when I go on to live in heaven?

Making a legacy list is a powerful exercise. Stop and think about what you most want to define you. I long to leave a legacy of love, laughter, and generosity of spirit that is framed by a Christ-shaped, cross-defined, grace-drenched, resurrection-empowered life. I want the people who walk behind me to have their way illuminated by the Light that claimed me and transformed me.

Creating a legacy list is a clarifying experience. What am I doing today to ignite that legacy? Legacies don’t evolve after we die. They are forged in the everyday choices, hugs, giggles, tears, words, repentance, humility, and focus of the ordinary moments. Too many times I am so busy worrying about tomorrow that I lose sight of how precious now is. I forget to breathe, smile, dance, and enjoy the joy God has planted in this hour. I want to live my legacy today.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make a legacy list. The impact of our legacies is already being felt. The way I love my family today leaves a footprint in their hearts. The words I speak will have an effect on someone’s joy. Kindness, gentleness, peace, generosity, and grace will never move through someone’s heart without leaving a mark. I don’t want to waste time on lesser worries and smaller dreams. I want my legacy to be defined by Jesus.



2 responses

6 02 2013
Amanda Embry

I was just thinking about legacies yesterday. I know a family where the legacy is sarcasm toward each other. I thought “I don’t want that to be what I pass down to my daughter”, but I realized that sometimes I do give sarcastic answers, so I need to be more intentional about what I say to her.

7 02 2013
Leo J. Woodman

Great thoughts on the legacy we leave behind. We need to be more conscious of our words and actions in the moment, because every moment is building a life time of influence. A lifetime of influence on everyone we come in contact with. Whatever memory someone has of an interaction we had with them is the legacy we leave behind.

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