The Jesus Resolution

2 01 2013

Are you a resolution person? I am. I like the idea of setting goals, stretching myself, and imagining new opportunities. For me, there is hope in resolutions. It means that I am willing to explore the possibility that who I am today isn’t all I am stuck being tomorrow.

Statistically, resolutions don’t have a good track record. We start out with high hopes and good intentions, but studies show that four out of five people will give up on their resolutions, many before the end of January.

According to the dictionary, a resolution involves coming to a definite and earnest determination to follow a particular course of action or pattern of behavior. Are you smiling? Here is the secret. Resolutions are more than once-a-year opportunities to think about losing ten pounds, saving a few dollars, or starting a new hobby. Resolutions are at the heart of God’s desire for our hearts.

Resolutions open the door to transformation, and transformation is God’s great purpose for you. He wants to take you where you are today – no matter where that is – and create something new, beautiful, healthy, strong, and amazing in you. He is willing to take what is broken, bankrupt, banged up, and beleaguered, and change it. Change you. He resolved before the beginning of time to give you as much of Himself as you were willing to take in. Now He wants you to make a resolution that will give Him full access to your heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make The Jesus Resolution. The Jesus Resolution is an earnest determination to follow Jesus. It is a resolution to allow God to remake His image in my life, to open my heart to His heart, and live fully in His presence. It isn’t fueled by will power, but by the Spirit’s power. It isn’t grounded in my strength, but in His grace. It won’t find its completion in my effort, but in His faithfulness. Today, I once again find myself on my knees resolving to “know nothing…except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” (1 Corinthians 2:2). It will be a journey that will take me to new places. He will ask me to trust more, dig deeper, pray harder, smile bigger, worship with more awe, study more diligently, give more sacrificially, experience more joy, and invest myself in Jesus, and Jesus alone. In living that resolution, God promises hope, grace, joy, peace, and more of Him than I can possibly imagine. Will you join me in living The Jesus Resolution this year?



2 responses

2 01 2013
Glendora Leigh

Amen! And, yes I will join in the commitment of today’s resolution. What a Blessing. gleigh

3 01 2013
Amanda Embry

“worship with more awe” – this dovetails with what I’ve been realizing as I study the part about bringing the ark of the Covenant into the city of David in “Echoing His Heartbeat”.

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