Resolution One

4 01 2013

“Resolution One: I will live for God.

Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.”

                                                                    – Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

The resolution of American theologian Jonathan Edwards are words worth pondering. Simple words. Deep words. Words that ring with conviction and challenge me to examine my heart.

Resolution One: I will live for God. Five words that have the power to shape a life. These words, this resolution, contain direction, inspiration, focus, motivation, and conviction. Living for God is more than a nice statement. It defines a purpose, molds a mindset, establishes boundaries, and becomes a filter through which everything must be measured. Living for God means not living for myself. That is harder than it sounds. It requires me to choose worship over whining, sacrifice over selfishness, holiness over hunger, and dedication over desire. Living for God means breathing God in with every breath, listening to Him with each heartbeat, becoming aware of His presence with each blink of an eyelid, and walking in His way with every step.

Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will. We tend to think of these kinds of statements in sweeping terms. If there is no one else on the planet who lives for God, I will be the lone voice of praise. There is truth in that, but narrowing the focus reveals my struggle. Will I live for God if I am the only one at work to do so? At school? In the neighborhood? At the party? Will I live out the integrity and intentionality of Jesus even when I am by myself? It is difficult to walk in the other direction, turn the other cheek, or step away when everyone else is moving forward. This is a resolution of commitment over compromise.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let these resolutions soak deeply into who I am. They are at the heart of The Jesus Resolution. Living for God means to live in Christ. My life finds its best expression in living out the likeness of Jesus where I live. When I live for myself, my life has fewer colors, less flavor, and weaker substance. Living for God allows His brighter, fuller, deeper, and richer blessings to bloom in my heart. “I still will” is an anthem that compels me to live out the image of Jesus among the people who touch my days. It is a determination that every person I meet will be offered a glimpse of Jesus, no matter who they are or where they stand.



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