Knowing God

31 12 2012

It was Sunday evening and we had our Bibles open. Sitting in our usual spot, we allowed the familiar rhythm of worship and study to feed our souls and open our eyes. We were seated in a row in front of people that we love. There was a couple with a small child playing on his knees, grandparents who have enveloped us into their family, and two elderly women whose constant presence is a constant encouragement.

The preacher was pointing us to the cross, helping us see the powerful way God is moving in our lives and keeping His promises to our hearts. As he asked a series of questions, I noticed something remarkable. “How many of you know God?” he asked. Hands went up all over the room, but it was two hands in particular that caught my eye. The little boy on his knees and the 102 year-old woman sitting just down from him. With equal enthusiasm and confidence, they both raised their hands. Here is the miracle of faith.

Does that little boy know God? Yes, he does. He lives with a child-like faith that puts mine to shame. He knows no doubt. He lives in the certainty of God’s unshakeable character. He breathes God in like air, aware of His presence, confident that he is treasured by the King of the Universe.

Does that 102 year-old woman know God? Yes, she does. They have spent a lifetime together. She knows what it means to walk and talk with God in the highest and lowest places of life. She is committed to letting Him lead, surrendering where she needs to, and encouraging others to do the same. He is more real to her than her own heartbeat, and she lives as His beloved.

One just beginning. One nearing the end. Both know God. Both rest in His peace, experience His grace, live in His mercy, worship His glory, and are confident of His delight. The richness of both of their faiths gives hope to mine.

“But let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the Lord.” – Jeremiah 9:24

My Jesus Resolution today is to get to know God better. I am going to spend time with Him, reading His Word, listening to His voice, walking with His people, and obeying His commands. I want to have the confidence and clarity of the little boy’s faith. I want to experience the deep richness of the older woman’s faith. Mostly, I want to be able to raise my hand without pausing when someone asks me if I know God.



One response

2 01 2013
Glendora Leigh

I have read today’s powerful message several times. I, too, want to raise my hand when asked if I know God. At this point in my life, I want to know Him better give Him my best as He gives to me. Sharing Him with others is of utmost importance. Thank you for this opportunity to read your special messages and to use them to God Be the Glory. G.Leigh

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